Beach Fun

Cyanotype Exploration

Continuing my playing with the beach theme I recently enjoyed joining a few of my artist friends in Caloundra and did some cyanotype explorations of the locale. 

We used these two chemicals: 

  • Photochem – Potassium Ferricyanide   
  • Photochem – Ferric Ammonium ( Citrate Brown) 
  • We mixed the two chemicals in two separate GLASS cups…then combined them.
  • We rubber gloves and worked outside on a windless evening to create the chemical mixture. 
  • This was our recipe:
  • Mix 100 mls demineralized water with 25 grams Ferric Ammonium citrate brown
  • Mix 10 grams Pottassium Ferricyanide with 100 mls water


We painted this solution onto sheets of good paper after the sun had gone down, but there was still limited daylight.  When dry we put into black plastic for use the next morning.  

We prepared a small room with blackout curtains and readied a bench to work on, and put the coated papers in black plastic in there.

We then gathered objects from the dunes..things like seeds, pods, casuarina leaves, shells etc

We took turns in the dark room.  We removed the papers one at a time, sealing up the black plastic.   We then lay the objects onto the coated paper…then quickly exited the dark room and exposed with the sun.  With light flat objects we had placed a sheet of glass over the objects to get a good contact with the paper,  but for  heavy objects we couldn’t use glass, and didn’t need to as the weight of the object did the job.

 We exposed for 20 minutes…then removed the objects and ran the paper under a tap for about 20 minutes.